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I wanted to write you about the experience I had with a gentleman who made an oil delivery at my house this morning. I apologize that I do not know his name, but we received the delivery at approximately 9:00 a.m. at Burnt Hill Road Scituate - hopefully this will help with identifying who the gentleman was.


Before l go any further, l just want to ease your fears that this may be a letter of complaints and tell you that it is actually the complete opposite. The gentleman had just pulled in a few moments earlier to make the delivery, and my husband was attempting to put my son's car seat into my mother's car, as she is babysitting my son for me today. This is the first time we have tried to put the car seat into my mother's car, and I was concerned that it may not have been installed correctly, as we were used to putting it in mine and my dad's cars (we have the

same make and model cars), and as a first time mom, I was quite nervous that my mother's car was not as well equipped for a car seat as mine and my dad's cars are.


My husband put the car seat in my mother's car and left for work. My mother and I were outside while the gentleman was delivering our oil, and I was expressing my concerns about the possibility that the car seat may not have been installed correctly in her car. I had to go back inside 'to finish getting ready for work myself, as well as get my son dressed and ready. As I was going back inside, I overheard the gentleman speaking with my mother and very kindly offering to double check the car seat and ensure that it was installed in the car appropriately once he was finished. Once he was done, he promptly assisted my mother in checking the car seat and strapping it in to make sure it was securely fastened and that my son would be safe to ride in it.

I cannot truly express my gratitude to him for taking time out of his busy day to assist and make sure that my son would be safe while riding in the car. He absolutely did not have to offer his assistance, and yet he jumped at the opportunity to help without any questions asked and for that, I am truly and completely grateful. We have always received outstanding service from your company, but this gentleman went above and beyond outstanding, and I felt as though his actions deserved praise in writing and not just a phone call (although I do know my mother will also be mentioning her gratitude the next time she is in).


If you are able to determine who the gentleman may have been, please kindly pass on my appreciation for him and for taking time out of his day to ease my fears and make sure my son would be safe. He exemplifies superior customer service and 1/we thought you should know that you have a wonderful, kindhearted gentleman under your employment. This world needs more people like him!


From the bottom of our hearts, thank you again - thank you to him, and thank you for always providing fantastic service to your customers! It is appreciated more than you know!



Shayna Drinkuth

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one better.


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Merry Christmas, Happy new year to a great kind, courteous company who treats their customers like family. Your driver’s get to us no matter the weather outside, now I know for sure they are related to “Santa”. Wishing you a magical Christmas! To all of you at Chariho Oil, may God bless you and your family always.



Danela H.